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Jordi Yebouet

Financial Analyst with commendable proficiency in research and presentation. Extensive experience in strategising and recommending the right course of financial action in line with the company’s goals. Meticulous observer of financial trends with an excellent command over two languages, English and French. Ardent learner and a passionate lover of sports.

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What I Do

Myself, Jordi Yebouet (aka Jordi Cornelius Yebouet) is an expert at compiling and presenting financial reports after extensive research on an organisation’s financial status. A year of working with multiple organisations has honed my skills in a diverse range of projects. The following is a synopsis of my fortes

  • Providing key financial inputs after thorough industry-centric research
  • Charting appropriate and alternate courses of financial action
  • Writing equity research reports
  • Presenting company valuations through financial modeling
  • Managing communications with foreign and local investors
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  • - Financial Market Research
  • - Self development
  • - Sports including Tennis, football and gymnastics
  • - Charity and community volunteer work.
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  • - Hard Working
  • - Team Player
  • - Energetic
  • - Critical Thinking
  • - Adaptation
  • - Strong Work Ethics
  • - Time Management
  • - Handling Pressure
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  • - MSc Accounting and Finance.
    University of Dundee - UK
  • - BSc in Business Management.
    University of Plymouth - UK
  • - Lycee Francais International Georges Pompidou
    Dubai, UAE
  • - Baccalaureat Francais
    High School diploma, equivalent of A Levels.
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Language Proficiency

  • - English
  • - French
  • - Spanish
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Jordi Yebouet’s Life Map

My name is Jordi Cornelius Yebouet. I was born in Ivory Coast.
I did my schooling in France and the UAE and completed my Master's from the University of Dundee in the UK.